Safety & Security


Tempus Transportation aims to provide the best possible transportation to all travelers in the DFW area by providing an unequalled level of quality service that stresses safety, reliability and comfort. In order to achieve our mission, Tempus has consistently recruited the most experienced drivers in the industry. We conduct scheduled vehicle inspections and driver training programs to ensure that each passenger travels safely and securely when using our service. We have adopted the most advanced computer and communication technology. 

Our mechanism for ensuring our customers receive a consistent, high quality experience: 

  • Safety - Every Tempus vehicle undergoes meticulous monthly inspections as well as random screenings by Tempus management to ensure passenger comfort and safety.

  • Security - Nothing matches the security and convenience of door-to-door transportation in a private full size vehicle, driven by a fully vetted chauffeur, provided by a trusted company serving the greater DFW area since 2001.

  • Reliability - You can consistently rely on us to deliver the service you request.

Tempus has a top rated fleet with well trained professional chauffeurs and we incorporate state-of-the-art technology to tailor our product for our clients. We remain first and foremost a service industry and to Tempus, customer satisfaction is the most important goal

Our Drivers

We have a solid network of professional drivers who're always available. Transporting family members safely when your other commitments prevent you from driving them yourself. We are a dependable alternative for getting employees, clients and guests home without incident.
We are dedicated to delivering excellence.  Whether in the office or in the field, every chauffeur will be courteous, professional and well-trained to deliver a high level of service to our clients. 
Our staff of chauffeurs are all extremely safe drivers and all have impeccable driving records. Tempus keeps driving records under close and constant monitoring, we make sure you always get a great chauffeur taking you from point-A to point-B no matter the time of day or night.



Our transportation technology is specifically designed for businesses that manage travel for others. No expense is spared in order to simplify every step of the booking and travel management process. Our powerful management tools provide access to all your managed travel arrangements in one simple and intuitive location.

Whether we are tracking drivers with GPS technology, changing a reservation, or reviewing billing, Tempus offers a stunning level of transparency and control for our clients.

  • Book, cancel, or modify individual or multiple reservations at once

  • Anticipate arrival times through GPS technology and view vehicle locations in real time, facilitating coordination for arrangers and benefiting 

  • Visualize and prioritize multiple trip statuses simultaneously

  • All reservation and traveler information is available in real time

  • Access credit card receipts, invoices, and reporting

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