At the primary Dallas area airports, DFW and LOVE FIELD, Tempus offers a choice of airport pick-up options for advanced reservations. For On Demand Service Without A Reservation simply place the order when you are ready to leave the terminal. Your car will meet you outside the terminal in 10 minutes or less.


Place an outside reservation in advance. Your car will be waiting curbside at the designated pick-up area. Upon landing, go directly to designated pick-up location without calling the dispatch office. The vehicle dispatch time is based on manual flight check with the airline. Accrued wait time past the arrival time posted by the airline or incurred through baggage retrieval delays is billable.


Place an Inside Meet & Greet reservation in advance. These are dispatched 30 minutes prior to flight ETA to allow the driver sufficient time to park and proceed to Baggage Claim for domestic flights or Custom’s gate for international flights. The Meet & Greet fee includes the 1st 30 minutes of wait time past ETA; Excess wait time and parking are additional.

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